Vintage Style Gluggle Fish Vase – Leah Nikolaou

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Gluggle Vase
Gluggle Vase
Gluggle Vase
Gluggle Vase

Gluggle Vase

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Statement gluggle fish & flowers print.

This design was inspired by a 'gluggle vase' 'glug glug jug' or 'fish vase' as they are also commonly known.  It's without a doubt that these widely collected vases have an endearing quirkiness that sustains their appeal.

Taking the 'vase' as her still life subject Leah's art also focuses on preserving the fragility of nature.  Many of the flowers in Leah's art are nurtured, hand picked and pressed from her old garden in Guildford.  The wool used for the embroidery she sources from UK yarn companies, this was a vintage discontinue wool mix that could have possibly ended up on a landfill site had it not been salvaged.  

The original artwork from which this print was taken was embroidered into recycled brown paper with a chunky DK yarn, the precarious process itself made this element of the design as fragile as the pressed flowers and petals.  One wrong move and the piece would turn into a huge ripped hole.  Holding the fragile paper at just the right angles when stitching and pulling the needle in only one direction allowed Leah to develop her method of embroidery.


Sizes available in this print: 
A4 size, 8.3 x 11.7" (210 x 297 mm). 

This is an open edition

Printed on a quality fine art paper called giclée paper.


This design is ready to post.. Please allow 1week for delivery if in the UK & the EU.  2 - 4 weeks for international post.

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