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Owl - Modern Embroidery Patterns PDF

Owl - Modern Embroidery Patterns PDF

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I’ve made this modern embroidery of an owl available as a PDF so sharing the pattern internationally is a lot quicker.

The files for the large owl embroidery are available to download once you have purchased this PDF pattern.


The owl template is a modern embroidery patterns PDF pattern that you can get printed yourself along with the instruction booklet.  The large owl wall art is designed to be printed on an A3 art paper by a specialist printer.  ‘Giclee printing for artists plus the name of your town/city’ or ‘giclee printing plus the name of your town/city’ are the search terms where you should find a suitable printing service.  

The green owl design should be printed A3 size, any smaller and the embroidery template won’t work with the pattern provided.  It's also important to only use an art paper and giclee printing.  The art paper will have the right combination of durable yet soft qualities to enable piercing with a needle.  Whilst the giclee printers print in very high definition, producing prints where the pressed flowers actually look real.  If you were to print onto ‘standard’ printer paper the paper won’t hold the weight of the stitches and with paper like a ‘card’, you will struggle to push a needle through.

The weights of art papers suitable are outlined in the accompanying instruction leaflet along with the needle type/ size and tapestry wool weight.

The instruction leaflet can be printed on standard printer paper.

If you have any questions with the files or printers I am contactable through the 'Contact Me' page on my website. 


This cute owl embroidery uses a range of embroidery stitches.  A woven wheel stitch sometimes known as ‘rose stitch’, ‘woven wheel stitch’ or ‘wagon wheel stitch’.  A simple backstitch worked in square patterns and fan pattern. 

Tapestry Wool

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Mixed Media Designer

 The owl embroidery pattern is part of a wider collection of pressed flower themed embroideries by mixed media designer Leah Nikolaou.  Leah’s signature style is that she mixes her two favourite past times of pressing flowers and embroidering paper when creating her modern floral embroidery designs.