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handmade mother's day card laying on a sheet of pressed flowers.  Flower shaped card.
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Handmade Mother's Day Cards | Mum Birthday Cards

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If you're looking for handmade Mother's Day cards or handmade 'mum' birthday cards, this paper embroidery kit is suitable for both occasions!  Simple to make, it comes with easy step by step instructions and all the materials needed to make it.  It's pretty quick to stitch and can easily be completed in about an hour.  Best of all, hand-crafted cards show real thought and appreciation and it doubles as a little keepsake that can be kept once the occasion is over.

Each card lets you choose from three sentiment tags to attach to the flower:

  • Best Mummy
  • Best Mum
  • Best Grandma

A standard kit comes with one flower but you can also choose kits containing 2 or 3 flowers. 

Each embroidery kit is wrapped in tissue paper and presented boxed, branded with the product image on the front.


This embroidery kit uses a whipped backstitch which is an easy variation of the simple backstitch.  Full illustrated instructions are included and it is suitable for a beginner.


Cosmos symbolise devotion, faithfulness, friendship, harmony, peace and stability making them the perfect flowers to use on cards for many life events like Mother's Day as well as birthdays.


Premium John James needle

Skein(s) of Appletons, British tapestry wool

Habotai silk ribbon(s)

A6 Sized digitally printed card(s) (with pre-printed template)

C6 Quality envelope(s)

Illustrated instruction leaflet


Scissors or craft knife


Leah Nikolaou is a Mixed Media Textile designer who enjoys works from her home and garden in rural Somerset where she grows many of the flowers she uses in her artwork.  Cosmos are a particular favourite that she has used in many of her embroidery designs.  If you love flowers and embroidery check out wider collection of flower embroidery kits for all levels of ability .