Dog Embroidery Kit – Leah Nikolaou

Dog Embroidery Kit
embroidery of a dog holding presed forget me nots.
ladies hands embroidery a dog embroidery pattern.  Blurred daffodils are in the background.
embroidered dog kit in a box.  It reads paper embroidery kit on gthe box and has pressed flowers on it too.

Dog Embroidery Kit

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Do you love to dabble in new crafts without them becoming all encompassing?  Then this dog themed embroidery kit is the craft idea for you!  Easily achievable to complete in less than an hour it’s aimed at a complete beginner and worked in a simple satin stitch.  The pre-printed hemp paper means not only do you have beautiful pressed flowers without having to wait for them to press but spots are also printed on to the template to guide you in where to piece the paper.  Oh and did I mention how eco friendly hemp paper is as well as having durable fibres that are soft and perfect for stitching?

Not only does it have the visual feel good factor but the toasty wool and alpaca yarn is a dream to touch and therapeutic to embroider with.  As you stitch away the minutes you can be happy in the knowledge that you are prioritising your own well being.  It also comes complete with a simple to follow leaflet meaning a break from electical equipment, plus you can take it anywhere, even to a remote desert island!

Please note we endeavour to be as green as possible with our kits giving just a bit more wool than required to prevent waste.   Yarn cards are made from recycled card and the boxes and brown tape are also chosen for their green credentials.


* Paper size of the art piece is A5 which is 148mm x 210mm (5.8 x 8.27 inches)

List Of Contents:


Yarn card


A5 size piece of printed archive paper to embroider

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