Christmas Bunting Craft – Leah Nikolaou

Christmas bunting craft kit displayed on a wall above a pile of presents and candles
handmade christmas bunting been made with ladies hands

Christmas Bunting Craft

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Making Christmas Bunting

This Christmas bunting craft kit comes with everything you need to make your own beautiful Christmas bunting. You will receive paper sheets with eight little Christmas trees, each measuring approximately 10cm tall. Each tree is made out of brown kraft paper, thick, chunky tapestry wools and is embroidered using a simple ‘how-to’ guide. The kit also contains a set of instructions on how to embroider the trees which is perfect for beginners. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you will soon have your very own Christmas bunting hanging up in your home.

Embroidery Stitches

Each Christmas bauble on the Christmas trees are worked using a woven wheel stitch which is super fun to learn.  You might know the woven wheel stitch as 'rose stitch,' 'wagon wheel stitch' or 'woven spider stitch.'

If you are uncertain about your embroidery ability see how easy it is to stitch the Christmas bunting craft kit by reading the ‘How To Master The Woven Wheel Tutorial’  blog post.

Embroidery Kit Contents

2 x A4 Sheets of Christmas trees (with pre-printed embroidery template)

3 x Skeins of Appletons, British tapestry wool

1 x Premium John James needle

1 x A4 sized instruction leaflet

1 x Length of Christmas twine

Needed But Not Included

1 x pair of scissors

The Christmas Embroidery Collection

This Christmas bunting craft kit is part of a wider collection of embroidery kits by mixed media designer Leah Nikolaou.  Leah’s signature style is that she mixes her two favourite hobbies of flower pressing and hand embroidery when creating her embroidery designs.  This particular embroidery design focuses on mindfulness and the concept of crafting for self care around Christmas time.  By taking just a few minutes to embroider each day you can welcome calm into your day.  The art of piercing paper is extremely therapeutic If you would like to learn more about how to hand embroider paper click read ‘How To Embroider Paper.’

Simple woven wheel stitch instruction blog post