Bud Vase With Pressed Flowers – Leah Nikolaou

Bud Vase With Pressed Flowers

Bud Vase With Pressed Flowers

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How classical lavandula angustifolia otherwise known as lavender is in it's dried spear like form! Teamed with the most pressed bluebell their beauty sings to us. Their powdery colours the perfect match for the elephant grey bud vase in this botanical embroidery.  Inspired by a vintage bud vase the juxtaposition of hand embroidery and flower pressing find harmony together.  

This method of displaying my botanical pressings takes inspiration from herbarium collections archived by the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London.  Specifically one 17th Century Botanist called George Clifford who presented his pressed flowers, specimens from his travels in little 2D paper urns and vases.  I decided to bring you the same concept whilst also adding embroidery to my paper vessels three centuries later!  

The hand embroidered teapots and vases incorporate the contemporary phenomenon of bringing ‘hygge’ meaning cosiness and wellness into the home.  I created this piece to satisfy your senses with its chunky, toasty, super soft characteristics.  

Embroidering into paper can be precarious with no room for error so these pieces are carefully crafted, slowly.  The flowers are pressed using tradition flower pressing methods which take weeks, sometimes months to achieve the papery fine refinement I’m looking for.

You’ll love the fact that I’ve done all of the slow work and these pieces come already ‘double mounted’ ready for framing.  Double mounting is the method I use to frame botanical artwork due to the raised embroidered texture.  This means both the flowers and embroidery aren’t squished against the glass frames.  

Artwork size A4 - 210mm wide  x 297mm high

Double mount Size - 280 wide x 347mm high