Anemone Illustrated Art Print – Leah Nikolaou

Illustration of pressed flowers in a vintage hand embroidered jug.  The pressed flowers are pressed anemone

Anemone Illustrated Art Print

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This beautiful A5 anemone illustration features an enamelled jug, which looks hand embroidered with textural stitches and is filled with pressed anemones.  

This illustrated art print by Textile artist Leah Nikolaou was based on an original piece of pressed flower art that she had created, of a jug filled with real pressed flowers.  Leah used a range of embroidery stitches in the original creation which included woven wheel stitches, a whipped back stitch and long a short satin stitches.  The flowers she had hand pressed using a traditional flower press and flowers sourced from her garden.

This stunning art print is perfect for decorating your walls or as gifts for friends and family.  It is one of four prints illustrated in this style depicting vases and jugs of flowers.

Anemones are one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth and this beautiful illustrations show off their unique dried and pressed features.

Technical Details

Approx 148 mm wide x 210mm high.

This anemone illustration has been printed on a thick museum quality paper made from hemp.  Leah enjoys experimenting with sustainable paper options for her art prints.  


The method of displaying botanical pressings in little vases and urns takes inspiration from herbarium collections archived by the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London.  Specifically one 17th Century Botanist called George Clifford who presented his pressed flowers, specimens from his travels in cut out paper vessels.  

Pressed Flower ARTIST

Leah Nikolaou enjoys works from her home and garden in rural Somerset where she grows and collects many of the different flowers that she uses in her artwork.  Anemones are a favourite which she takes from two different plants, one in her front garden and one in her back garden.  She always marvels at how beautiful the colours from her plant in the front garden press compared to the others.