How To Do Paper Embroidery – Leah Nikolaou

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+ Our modern embroidery kits are suitable for beginners or more experienced  embroiderers looking to create something unique

How To Do Paper Embroidery

Paper embroidery is so much fun, not to mention therapeutic!  If you haven't tried it before below are some tips on how to get started!


Use corrugated card (the box it comes in!) or cork as a mat when you pierce the paper


Use a sharp needle, I use darning needles


Pierce the centre of each  circle marked on a template


Read the stitch guides which come with my kits but a lot is like dot-to-dot with wool


Balance larger pieces on the edge of a table to embroider


Turn your paper around as you work

Paper Embroidery Demonstration

Embroidering The Iris & Catmint Bag Kit

Watch how I handle my paper and stitch it with chunky tapesty wool.  I demonstrate how to  embroider paper using a simple back stitch, fan stitch and woven wheel stitch.

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Frequently asked question

Will the paper rip?

Yes the paper can rip, however if you follow all of the below advice it is highly unlikely because the hole marks are specially spaced out to prevent this:

Only use the needle and embroidery wool supplied in your kit.
Pierce the circles marked on your paper through their centres.
Handle your paper with care.

How long does paper embroidery take?

Because most of my embroidery kits use a chunky tapestry wool it makes them quick to stitch compared to most kits that use embroidery silks.  A card keepsake can be stitched in less than an hour whilst a details large embroidery like the crochet bags will take approx 10 hours.

Are the flowers real flowers?

The flowers are not real they are digitally printed onto the paper in the kits.  They are prints taken from real flowers that I have dried in a flower press that look very life like because of the detail.