Leah Nikolaou is a British artist creating timeless contemporary art which fuses the two vintage past times, hand embroidery and flower pressing.



Having learnt both skills as a child she polished her design skills at the Royal College Of Art, London & brings these modern interpretations of floral art to today’s vintage style art market.  Leah uses vintage items such as old McCoy vases, American ‘lady head vases’, French style brocante jugs & Dartmouth ‘gluggle jugs’ as subjects for her still life pieces as well as old fashioned vintage phrases.  Inspired also by French brocantes, vintage textiles, shabby chic, rustic art and Scandinavia simplicity, her pieces offer a look that is very unique & flexible to style with in your home. 


Leah's work focuses on preserving the fragility of nature. 

It begins with growing, collecting and pressing flowers as the integral first step in her design process.  As an amateur gardener her wild flower patch at the bottom of her garden is still a work in progress.  However Leah will endeavour to only use home grown flowers in the future.



Next she embroiders into recycled brown paper with chunky DK yarns using carefully selected hand dyed yarns from UK yarn companies.  Original sections of the skeins are selected for their hues and arranged in an order to be embroidered with.  The precarious process of stitching into recycled paper makes this element of her designs as fragile as the pressed flowers themselves.  One wrong move and her piece turns into a huge ripped hole or the flowers disintegrate between her finger tips. Holding the fragile paper at just the right angles as she stitches has allowed Leah to develop her method of embroidery resulting in these botanical art prints. 



Juxtaposing the materials, the chunky wool and paper thin flowers in harmony is a challenge to balance.  Leah spends much time experimenting with different floral compositions until she reaches her final conclusions.  We kid you not, tears have been shed in this process!  

We hope you enjoy browsing and find a flower print that will compliment your special place!