About – Leah Nikolaou

embroidery & pressed flowers inspired by the craftsmanship of bygone eras


Leah Nikolaou is a British designer creating timeless yet standout artisan art , textiles and curios which fuse the two vintage past times, tapestry and flower pressing.

Leah reading a vintage magazine


Having learnt both skills as a child she polished her design skills at the Royal College Of Art and enjoys interpreting her old passions in a feminine and contemporary vintage way .  In 2019 Leah set up Leah Nikolaou whilst taking a short career break to care for her then toddler.  Leah uses vintage items such as old McCoy vases, American ‘lady head vases’, French style brocante jugs & kitsch planters as subjects for her still life pieces.  You could say that she is slightly obsessed with anything shaped like an animal which is also a vessel in which to hold flowers. 


Linen buttons and pressed flowers on a linen cloth

Leah's work focuses on capturing the fragility of nature. 

Leah's design work always begins by her opening her flower press for inspiration whether she intends to designs prints or fabrics. Mindfully collecting, growing and pressing flowers brings so much enjoyment itself as well as providing this great visual resource for her designs.  Leah is an amateur gardener and likes to think her flower growing expertise is getting better by the season! 


Embroidery hoop with embroidery in progress


Once her base fabric or paper has been designed Leah enjoys embellishing them with chunky hand embroidery.  The contrast between the crisp paper or fabric and the chunky wool stitches is an aesthetic Leah loves.  She would say herself that this is her signature style.  Timeless durable fabrics such as linen and organic are her preferred textures because as well as having a conscience they are a modest base to build upon. So whether paper or fabric Leah loves the way they drastically change when they are hand embroidered with chunky wool.  The use of tapestry gives her pieces a homespun heirloom twist of magic and story despite the pieces been new.   However Leah would love nothing more than for her pieces to become antiques themselves in the future.  Embroidering with wool is so much fun to have a go at!  If you fancy it Leah has kits suitable for the complete beginner.  

 workspace with sewing machine and handmade product samples


We hope you can create the next line of the story for one of our artisan pieces!

 Ball of hand dyed wool held in hand