Japanese Pressed Flower Art – Leah Nikolaou

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Japanese Pressed Flower Art

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Original pressed flower art depicting a hand-embroidered Japanese vase and pressed wildflowers. Handcrafted by mixed media artist Leah Nikolaou, the pressed wildflowers look extremely dainty in their dried, pressed, willowy form! Its soft fluffy angora/ wool texture creates a delicateness that fully compliments the preserved flowers. The vase was slowly hand-stitched into paper using a vintage yarn by Jaeger.

Artwork size A4 - 210mm wide  x 297mm high

Frame is not included!


Leah takes inspiration from the 17th-century flower pressings of 17th-century Botanist George Clifford who presented his pressed flowers and specimens from his travels in little 2D paper urns and vases. I used online archived herbarium collections archived by the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London.

Hand embroidery harking back to the hand-craftsmanship of 17th Century England, when crafts were skilled, treasured, and passed down through generations as heirlooms. A vintage vase inspired the design of the embroidery on the vase with a sleek Japanese style. Leah makes each of her pieces with longevity and a sense of value at their core.


Embroidering into paper can be precarious, with no room for error, so these pieces use a slow style of craft. The pressed flowers used traditional flower pressing methods that take weeks, sometimes months, to achieve the papery fine refinement Leah looks for. The hand embroidery uses free-hand long and short satin stitches.


Leah Nikolaou enjoys working from her home and garden in rural Somerset, where she grows many of the wildflowers that she uses in her artwork. Wildflowers are her favourites because they press so well and beautifully. Browse her whole collection of pressed flower art.