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Blooming Original
Blooming Original
Blooming Original
Blooming Original

Blooming Original

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A3 vintage vase of pressed flowers by artist Leah Nikolaou (Frame not included!)  Leah's art focus's on bringing a modern interpretation of the two vintage past times, flower pressing and embroidery. 

This piece was inspired by a vintage McCoy almost basket shaped vase.  McCoy pottery originates from the USA namely Ohio in the 1910s and is widely collectable.

Leah's work focuses on preserving the fragility of nature.  The original piece was embroidered into recycled brown paper with a fine 4ply yarn, the precarious process itself making this element of her design as fragile as the pressed flowers & petals.  One wrong move and the piece turns into a huge ripped hole.  Holding the fragile paper at just the right angles as she stitches and pulling the needle in only one direction has allowed Leah to develop her method of embroidery.

Here the vase is hand embroidered using a luxurious blend of wool and the petals and flowers collaged harmoniously.

This piece of artwork is A3 in size, 11.7 x 16.5" (297 x 420 mm and is not mounted or framed!  


Please allow 1-2 weeks for postage to the UK and the EU.  For international postage please allow 2-4 weeks.

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