Flower Wreath Embroidery – Leah Nikolaou

paper wreath with flowers and a bee
flower wreath embroidery design laying on a craft table
embroidery wreath design, kit contents on a table.
floral wreath embroidery design in closeup detail showing flower and embroidered bee

Flower Wreath Embroidery

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Learn how to make a paper wreath with this DIY embroidery kit!  Wreaths are a great way to add some colour and texture to your home. They look lovely hanging on doorways or windowsills and make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. The beautiful thing about this paper decoration is that the flowers look like real flowers yet they aren’t going to dye or take up too much space because they are flat. Perfect for displaying in small spaces and yet creating a big impact!   

How to make the wreath is heaps of fun!  The template is printed onto the paper making it a little bit like a dot-to-dot but with wool rather than a pencil.  Once the paper embroidery is finished, cut out the wreath shape, thread through the ribbon and find a good spot to display it, that’s assuming you are keeping it for yourself!  They are perfect gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas and Valentine's Day so you may be torn!

Wreath is approximately 29 cm wide x 31cm high (11.5 x 12.25 inches)

The velvet ribbon is a gorgeous shade of burgundy and adjustable in length to fit your space perfectly.

Each embroidery kit is wrapped in tissue paper and presented boxed, branded with the product image on the front, making it ready for gifting.

We also have a smaller, slightly easier embroidery wreath available in our shop!

Embroidery Stitches

The wreath embroidery is made using a mix of stitches.  A whipped back stitch which is a fun variation of the simple back stitch and a woven wheel stitch sometimes known as ‘rose stitch’, ‘woven wheel stitch’ or ‘wagon wheel stitch’.  

Flowers Symbolism

The pink and white flowers are cosmos and symbolise devotion, faithfulness, friendship and peace. Whilst the phlox symbolises companionship.

Kit Contents

1 x A3 sized giclee print (with pre-printed wreath template)

1 x Length of good quality ribbon

1 x Premium John James needle

3 x Skeins of Appletons, British tapestry wool

1 x A4 sized illustrated instruction guide

Not Included But Also Needed

Scissors or craft knife 

Once you have learnt how to make a paper wreath you will want your next project, check out the entire embroidery collection to stock up!