We love vintage style art as the nostalgia is a way of bringing the past into the present. Like an old Hollywood movie they are full of classic vintage soul. We hope you find one of our ‘one-of-a-kindness’ style prints or original artworks that will compliment your special place. If you don’t know where to start in choosing art here are a few tips, after all investing in art takes special consideration: Firstly don’t feel intimidated by art, its for everybody to own & love. Buy the art you love, that makes YOU feel joyful and puts you in a positive mood. Think about what reflects YOUR personality and style. A complete eclectic mix? A mix of contemporary & vintage? A mix of contemporary & scandi? A mix of vintage & scandi? Consider YOUR location, subtle artworks are great for rooms where statement furniture takes centre stage. Likewise statement pieces are great for plainer spaces. Create YOUR own harmony with the over all colour palette of your space. Do you go for a single colour scheme, a mixed colour theme or a completely random anything goes kind of scheme. Choose YOUR method of displaying your chosen art; As part of a gallery wall, leaning against a wall or atop a piece of furniture or as a single feature piece. What is YOUR frame style, reclaimed, white, oak, metal, vintage gold or mismatching? Double check the size of your chosen art. Get a ruler or tape measure and measure the dimensions against the wall/ furniture of your space to help you visualise it’s impact. Work to YOUR budget. Do the maths, if an original is out of the question a quality print is a very good compromise. Don’t be swayed by trends that will be gone next season, create your own timeless home style. Lastly!! Sometimes all of the above will fail and we can’t find reason or justification. Sometimes instincts take over! If you can’t make a decision immediately following an artist on social media will keep their work in mind and may inform a future decision.