Woven Wheel Stitch Embroidery Tutorial – Leah Nikolaou

Woven Wheel Stitch Embroidery Tutorial

The Woven Wheel Stitch

One of my absolute favourite stitches, the woven wheel stitch is also commonly known by the below different names:

Rose Stitch

Woven Rose Embroidery

Woven Spider Stitch

Woven Web Rose Stitch

Wagon Wheel Stitch

Woven Wheel How To Video

To me it will always be the woven wheel stitch!  It creates a beautiful circular raised pattern in the shape of a rose which is effective on its own as well as worked in groups.  It’s a very simple embroidery stitch and very therapeutic stitch to learn!

It’s great to watch clips of how stitches are worked but I also find it helpful to see a step by step break down to learn a new stitch.  Take a scrap of paper (back of an envelope, top of a cereal box) quickly sketch out the below circle template and practice the stitch!

Woven Wheel Step by Step Tutrorial

woven wheel stitch

Take a strand of yarn approx 40cm long and knot one end. Thread your needle and

pierce through the back of a circle through the centre (A).

Follow the illustrations to create the spokes of your wheel.

Note that woven wheels always need an odd number of spokes to work!

woven wheel embroidery

Once all of the spokes have been made bring your needle to the front by piercing through

the circle about 0.25cm away from A. you then begin to weave under and over the spokes of the wheel.

woven wheel stitch steps

Keep weaving round and round! Once you have got to the end tuck your needle under the woven stitches and pierce through to the back out of sight. then jump across to centre (A) of your next wheel, and repeat!

Embroidery projects That Include The Woven Wheel Stitch

The appeal of this stitch is that it looks very complicated if you don't understand how it's worked but it is infact really easy to do. Here are three different projects which use this stitch:

Advent Calendars- Stitch The Woven Wheel Baubles Each Day

Embroider a woven wheel stitch bauble to an advent calendar for eaxh day of advent.

How to do a woven wheel stitch advent calendar

Christmas Cards- Stitch The Woven Wheel Baubles To The Trees

Embroider the baubles to these tree cards.  Each card is printed with vegetable based inks onto recycled kraft paper.

Woven Wheel Project Christmas card

Owl Embroidery - Stitch Woven Wheel Eyes

The centre of the owls eyes are where you can try out this stitch.  The eyes are a 5 spoke wheel.

woven wheel wall art

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