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What Is Therapeutic About Embroidery?

As we start the new year, give yourself the gift of planning to spend some time embroidering each month. Slowing down our lives just for ten minutes and making something slowly with our hands in a mindful & creative way has therapeutic benefits.

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Having a positive impact on mental health, it's no wonder we turn to embroidery as therapy. The result of your hand stitching will bring joy and contentment that can easily outlast the year! We give you eight great reasons why embroidery is therapeutic.

The 8 Therapeutic Benefits Of Hand Embroidery

  1. Confidence
  2. Calming
  3. Self-expressive
  4. Mindful
  5. Positive
  6. Detoxing
  7. Social
  8. Self Care

A Boost Of Confidence

Deciding to do an embroidery is like setting yourself a goal, whether to embroider a small section in ten minutes, a whole piece in an hour, or a longer piece over several weeks or months. However you plan to make something with your time, you've been self-sufficient and made something you wanted for yourself. It feels good!

Calming Rhythms

It is no secret that crafts like embroidery can calm the nervous system and stresses we face every day. The rhythmic patterns and repetition help remove your mind from everyday noise and allow you to focus on the task, nurturing your creative soul. Plus, there is the tactile stimulation of having beautiful yarns between your fingertips which soothe and calm you.

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A Means Of Self Expression

Embroidery gives you an outlet to express your aesthetic tastes and sometimes feelings. Slogan embroideries and stitched quotes have become extremely popular in recent years, an endless source of inspiration or reminder of a particular social or political stance; the subjects you choose to stitch and your colour choices all say something about you. Having them around you reminds you of who you are and your capabilities.

Practice In Patience & Mindfulness

Embroidering requires discipline and patience. Threading a needle and following a pattern requires a steady hand and sharp unwavering concentration of the mind. Returning to a project, exceptionally long detailed projects where obstacles, difficulties, and errors may occur, also requires perseverance.

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Positive Choices

No longer an essential life skill, embroidering is a life skill you choose and is a positive way to spend your time! Once you have learned the basic stitches, the possibilities of how to apply them are plentiful. Reusing embroidery hoops and eco-fabric bases will give you the feeling that your choices are eco-friendly. Up-cycling and repairing vintage items rather than constantly buying new ones is rewarding and satisfying. You are trying to be mindful of the planet, which boosts happiness.

Taking A Tech Detox

Crafting is a welcome break for your mind away from the demands technical equipment like computers and mobile phones have over our lives. 

Socially Sharing Passions

Everything has its place in moderation, and social media can provide a platform to share and form friendships with like-minded crafty people worldwide.  

Economic Self Care

You don't need fancy expensive equipment to have a go at embroidery or ample space; it's portable, affordable, and for everyone!

What are you going to plan in time to embroider this year? Check out some ideas for embroidery kits here.

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