Vintage Wildflower Wedding Favors – Leah Nikolaou

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Vintage Wildflower Wedding Favors

As brides & grooms ‘to be’ re-embrace the trend for wedding rituals and traditions of bygone eras, carefully crafted wedding favors have never been so in vogue. Designer Leah Nikolaou shares her ideas for styling hand crafted floral favours with biodegradable plant pots, vintage women’s magazines and dried flower pods.   She explains that spending time with family and friends is a luxury and a favor is traditionally a token of gratitude and thanks for the part they play at the wedding.  Favors date back to 16th century France when guests would be gifted with ‘bonbonnieres.’  These were usually extravagant boxes decorated with porcelain, crystals or precious stones filled with sugared almonds or sweets. Back then sugar was a treasured and expensive commodity that would have been a real treat guests. Today sugar is cheap but the time put into hand worked crafts is an extravagance as time is so precious.  

Recycled plant pots, wedding favors and dried poppy pods arrange as a table setting

Le Petit Echo du Mode magazine, pressed flower napkin and hand embroidered wedding favor

vintage wedding favor in a table setting close up

Leah loves the current trend for rustic, simple weddings reusing vintage finds and mixing them with natural and sustainably handmade items . Her favors are inspired by the vintage crafts of flower pressing and hand embroidery.  First she responsibly collects flowers and presses them.  From there the flowers are digitalized and arranged into her fabric designs.  Organic and sustainable fabrics are Leah’s base fabrics of choice.  After printing, Leah hand embroiders each piece using chunky wool yarns and classic embroidery french knots and back stitching.

Pressed flower daisy wedding favor on a floral napkin and vintage place setting

Pressed flower rose wedding favor arranged in a table setting

Pressed Flower napkin and vintage magazine wedding table setting

Leah offers packages for her pressed flower favors and napkins.  Get in touch for prices.  Or alternatively treat yourself to a one off from her shop.  Leah also has another blog post where she shares how to style the hangings as wall decor.

Wedding Favors As Wall Decor Blog Post

Floral wedding favors in embroidery hoops


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