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Valentines Handmade Gifts

Embroidery needles at the ready? Let the heartwarming sentiment-making commence! Make Valentine's Day handmade this year and create a sophisticated and flowery display of love.

Whether it's a valentine's gift for her, a valentines gift for him, a single friend you care about, or your son/ daughter/ niece/ nephew/ granddaughter, they will all love receiving these ideas! We show you a few homemade gifts that are quick to make and exude thoughtfulness and care!

handmade valentines gift - grey heart art in a frame

Valentine's Gifts For Him

Does anybody see finding gifts for the men in your life as complex? I know I do, and I may have the answer this Valentine's Day! So act all casual about Valentine's Day, then unleash the surprise on their return home from work on the 14th of February! Spring a little display with dried flowers, framed heart art that's easy to make and a little hand-embroidered message.

We used a piece of cardboard packaging to write our message and stitched it using leftover wool; it's explained below! The grey heart we made using a kit including everything you need is available on our website; similar wooden frames are available on Etsy.

valentines handmade heart art in a wooden frame

Homemade Valenines frame

Handmade hearts and heart shaped petals

Valentine's Gifts For Her

This pink homemade heart shouldn't just be the reserve of girls, but it is rather pretty and would look great next to a glass of pink champagne, a plate of pink gourmet marshmallows, pink macarons, strawberries or even homemade iced buns! It’s the perfect idea to give to a friend or relation who could do with a pick-me-up at this time of year!

Valentines gifts homemade hearts

The Completely Neutral Valentine's Gift

We know not everybody likes pink, so we have a neutral heart gift for an unshowy, understated Valentine's gift.

Join A Valentine's Exchange

If no one you know will appreciate your talents, then have fun and join a valentine's exchange, designed for makers to share their joy of making by hand on valentines day. You sign up to send a Valentine's card or gift to a stranger by a given date, and you will receive something in return too. I've joined the House Of Lars' valentine's exchange, my first ever valentines exchange! Head to their blog post Valentines Exchange to learn more, 'sign up' and be in with a chance of being my recipient or that of another crafty soul!

Heart Art Embroidery Kits

The heart homemade art kits are easy to make in less than an hour and include a pre-printed template of the embroidery pattern and pressed flowers. Printed in high definition onto recycled hemp paper, what we love most about this gift is that the pressed flowers can be mistaken for being real. Long after your real flowers have died or faded, this gift will continue giving joy.

Valentines Gifts Best Friends

Each heart is embroidered using huge satin stitches that go from one side of the heart to the other.  The template has printed dots that show you where to stitch from.  It's like doing a dot-to-dot with wool rather than a pencil! These aren't just for experienced embroiderers looking for an original project; they are so simple that even a novice can have it whipped up in no time! 

'Be Mine' handmade Valentines message

Hand-Embroidered Message Ideas

Okay, we might have enjoyed stitching cardboard messages a bit too much and got carried away with the homemade notes to go with our gifts. Here is how we created them:

1. Write your message onto a piece of corrugated cardboard packaging or any part of paper you may have.  I used capital letters because they are straighter lines and easier to stitch with wool.  For more ideas on what kind of papers to use, check out our guide to embroidering paper.  

2. Pierce along your letters at regular intervals about 0.5cm long.  You can mark with a pencil before piercing if you feel less confident.  Begin stitching using a whipped back stitch.  

how to embroider I love you

Work the entire message in whipped backstitch, weaving in loose ends at the back of your message.

Valentine gift ideas hand stitched messages

You could also do something similar on an envelope, decorating it with embroidery and flowers. I've used some pressed rose petals above; if you fancy pressing some flowers check out our best flowers to press quickly!

handmade valentines card idea with petals in an envelope

If you enjoyed browsing the ideas in this homemade 'Valentines handmade gifts' blog post, check out our entire range of paper embroidery kits for more ideas and our 'I love Bee-ing With You' homemade bee keepsake.

handmade bee valentines gift in a wooden frame

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