The Secret To Styling Small Embroideries In Your Home – Leah Nikolaou

The Secret To Styling Small Embroideries In Your Home

Displaying embroideries in the home shouldn’t be restricted to rugs, cushions, flat panels and hoops.  Contemporary embroidery offers us detail and beauty in so many more forms.  Here I’m taking small embroidered hangings for the home and showing how you can style them to make a big impact.

Feature wall of embroideries

These little embroidered hangings I have hand embroidered using chunky DK wool usually reserved for knitting.  The contrast of the wool against the crisp organic cotton creates a very modern take on craft.  The fabric I’ve also designed myself using flowers I have pressed from my garden and digitalised.  

In this post we will take a look at hanging in isolation, in pairs and larger groups to compare their impact in the home.

Embroidery hoops

Single embroideries or pairs?

A hanging in isolation offers a taste and splash of artisan detailing which may very well be sitting along several other objects tied together using colour, texture or a simple appreciation by the owner. Theses type of little hanging ornaments are extremely versatile and easy to style in a room.  There is always a draw knob, door knob, hook, shelf or window to hang your little embroidery from.  

Vintage bedside light with embroidered decoration

Vintage Chest Of Drawers With Embroidered Decoration

Grouping embroideries

They can however be taken to a whole new level of impact when styled in groups as a gallery wall or used as a means of filling a see through vessel.  Far from the traditional constraints of embroidered beasts like the *Bayeaux Tapestry their size means you can play around with shapes as you group them all together.  However also like the Bayeaux Tapestry it can be a work in progress and labour of love that you add to over the years whether you buy them or make them. The piece can be transient and played around with when ever takes your fancy!   I think filling a tall glass vase with small embroideries is my favourite idea for styling them.  It takes an item with only a small command of an interior to a collective with a focal dominance which I love.

*The Bayeaux Tapestry is a huge piece of embroidery of historical significance nearly 70 meters in length thought to have been embroidered in the 11th century.   

Bedroom decorations made from embroidery

Pressed Flower Art In A Vase

Embroidery hoops with embroidery decorations



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