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Pressed Flower Frame

I don’t know about you, but I will never tire of the beautiful images I see of framed pressed flowers adorning bare painted walls and maximalist picture galleries. I love preserving nature and bringing it into the home to give joy. It’s a pleasure that’s so simple yet hugely gratifying.

Pressed flower frame using pressed flower heads

Pressing flowers to frame is easy and shouldn’t be the reserve of crafters; it’s the perfect antidote to digital fatigue or a yearning for therapeutic self-care. Below are some pressed flower frames that I’ve put together to inspire you!

Learn the basic information about flower pressing as a guide, and check out our other pressed flower resources that will help you achieve the ultimate pressed flower frame.

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Pressing Flowers To Frame

I’ve written and illustrated an ultimate flower pressing guide for beginners: What Are The Easiest Flowers To Press? Packed with helpful information, it has a list of flowers for beginners,  flower press tips and tricks, timings to aim for, storage ideas, framing inspiration to crafting suggestions. It’s the perfect guide to get you started if you plan to press flowers yourself.

pressed flower frame with wildflowers

Arranging Pressed Flower Frames

I love playing around with pressed flower compositions. One of my favourite ideas is to mix little pieces of embroidered art with pressed flowers for a contemporary feel. Half of the frame with pressed flowers and the other half with a solid flat object works well. The pressed flowers I have incorporated are a cow parsley stem, phlox heads and a little weed I salvaged from my border. 

Here are some ideas of objects that you could frame alongside your pressed flowers:

A birthday card or postcard

Tickets from a special event

Wedding photographs

Piece of floral fabric

Vintage handkerchief

Black and white photographs

Song lyrics

A poem

An award/ certificate

Cigarette cards


Scattering the flowers in little groups around a paper object also works beautifully. Think about matching colours together to work the two different mediums together. Here I’ve used cosmos, phlox and fuchsias. I chose burgundy, muted pinks, lilacs and cream colours in the frame below.

see through kiko frame with pressed flowers

Types Of Frames To Use For Pressed Flowers

Wooden Frames

One of my favourite frames is this mango wood frame below, purchased from Nkuku some years back. The rustic grain and variation of colour completely complement the muted shades of dried pressed flowers.

pressed flower frame with a bee

pressed flower picture frame with pressed flowers and a bee

Styling pressed flowers inside the frames and hanging little embroidered keepsakes in front of the glass works well. The pressed flowers include pansy and phlox heads. The ribbon on the bee tucked itself in between the glass and wooden frame. This embroidery is from a card embroidery kit available in my shop. The little sentiment tag reads, ‘I Love Bee-ing With You!’

see through flower picture frame with pressed flowers and a bee

I tried different keepsake ideas in this frame, and I couldn’t decide which I liked best. Which is your favourite?

pressed flower frame made of wood with flower keepsake dried flowers

The above is a wedding card/ keepsake; this time, I hung the ribbon of the keepsake over the top of the frame. The sentiment tag reads, ‘Married.’

pressed flower frame with poppy and pressed pansies

The above poppy hanging over the frame is another Valentine’s idea as the sentiment tag reads, ‘Everlasting Love.’

Metal Frames

The other type of frame that complements pressed flowers well is the metal Kiko frame. The beauty of these is the wide range of portrait and landscape sizes available in brass, antique brass, antique black and zinc. 

pressed flower frame made into art using dried flowers and flower art

Where to buy see-through frames in the UK


Nkuku’s mango wood frames are a luxurious way to frame your pressed flowers with chunky wooden surrounds. They are also my favourite supplier of Kiko frames; their range is broad, from tiny 5cm square frames suitable for hanging on the Christmas tree, free-standing frames, folding frames, and standard and gigantic frames in a range of finishes.


Etsy is a virtual Aladdin’s cave of wooden frame ideas to suit all budgets and sells see-through photo frames.


Amazon likewise have a wide range of see through frames for all budgets.

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