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How To Do Paper Embroidery

Piercing paper and stitching into it with chunky wool is so much fun. If you haven't tried it before below are some sewing paper tips/ideas to get you started!

Embroidering paper

Paper Embroidery Tips

  • Use corrugated card or cork as a mat when you pierce the paper (eg. Box it comes in, like above!)
  • Use a sharp needle, I prefer long darning needles
  • Pierce the centre of each dot marked on a template
  • If you are embroidering one of my kits or PDFs, read the accompanying step by step guide.
  • Balance larger pieces on the edge of a table to embroider to allow easy access to the back of the piece.
  • Have fun! It's a bit like a woolly dot-to-dot!
  • Turn the paper around as you work for ease
  • Respect the material and it's limitations
embroidery in paper

    How To Do Paper Embroidery Video

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    Watch the video to see how I handle my paper and stitch it with chunky tapesty wool.  I demonstrate how to  embroider paper using a simple back stitch, fan stitch and woven wheel stitch.

    Watch More Paper Embroidery Demonstrations

    Step By Step Paper Embroidery Stitch Tutorials

    The below illustrated paper embroidery tutorials are also available which allow you work and read through a new technique more slowly.  I know I always find learning the easiest when I have a combination of both video and step by step guides.

    Woven Wheel Stitch

    Master the woven wheel stitch in paper.  Also known as a rose stitch, wagon wheel stitch, spider stitch, woven wheel stitch and many more names.

    Cross Stitch

    Learn how to transfer and stitch Cross Stitches to paper.

    More stitch guides coming soon!

    embroidery on paper

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will The Paper Rip?

    Yes the paper can rip, however if you follow all of the above advice it is highly unlikely because the hole marks are specially spaced out to prevent this.

    Only use the needle and embroidery wool supplied in your kit.  Pierce the circles marked on your paper through their centres.  Handle your paper with care.

    If you are making up your own design, experiment on a piece of scrap paper with how far appart you need your holes to be.  

    Will My Fingers Get Sore Doing Paper Embroidery?

    Your fingers shouldn't get sore from sewing one piece of paper embroidery.  If they do or if you feel more comfortable you could use a thimble.  I tried a leather thimble although a rubber thimblette would probably also do the job, or even a plaster on your finger.  You can read my thoughts on leather thimbles on my blog.

    List Of Paper Embroidery Kits 

    If you enjoyed this guide, read about how the Victorians made Paper embroidery a craze in the 1800s in our blog post, 'Perforated Paper Embroidery - Punched Paper.

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