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Dried Flower Paper Decorations

Have you found your walls looking a bit bare since Christmas got packed away back under your stairs? I usually relish the return to my streamline walls, but this year I really craved an injection of detail.   Which is why I decided to set myself a project designing year round paper decorations.  This is part one, a dried flower wreath and how I’ve styled it in my home.

Fireplace with plants, macrame planter and dried flower paper wreath

Dried flower wreath wall decor


With a catalogue of flowers I’ve pressed at hand, I thought what better way to make a wreath than by using my flowers.  I love the transformation pressed flowers go through in the flower press.  For the majority of flowers it takes about three weeks in my opinion until they reach their peak of their pressed beauty.  It’s that diaphanous paper like quality I love and that I look for whilst their colour is still rich.  Rich but dried.  I capture that with photography and then arrange the images onto my basic wreath shape.  Next I decide on the placement of embroidery to add another very different texture.  I draw the images I want to embroider and mark out where I will pierce them.

Feature wall with macrame planter, embroidered dried flower wreath and framed textiles


After the wreaths are designed, I print them out on plain photocopy paper to test that my stitch holes are the correct width apart from each other.  I stitch the paper.  It’s flimsy but it let’s me know if my design works.  I generally have a bit of tweaking to do and I will test for a second time.  Then I send to print on the paper I will use.  I’ve done lots of experiments and whilst many papers work, I have my favourites for durability, sustainability, quality and texture of the print.  I love papers that give the flowers a watercolour like quality to them.  I design paper decorations designed to last, not to be thrown away.

Living room with minimal white walls, pale rugs, textile wall hangings


When it comes to styling I love to add the additional texture of macramé or crochet to the mix.  These textiles next to the embroidered paper really enhance their beauty.  Partly because they are one colour, they make the colours of the embroidery stand out but also because they lend themselves to holding dried flowers or plants.  Mixing images of dried flowers with real dried flowers and grasses are a winning combination.  The long ribbons on the wreaths also work well in shape when hung next to the long hanging macrame planters.  I'd love to make a feature wall in the future with lots of them all hung together!  Watch this space!....

Living room with sofas and embroidered wall decor and woven wall decor


To make your own Dried flower paper wreath shop the link below:

Pressed Flower Wreath



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