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DIY Skin Care Recipes

DIY Skin Care Recipes

Making organic skin care with brand Rose & Skin 

It’s exciting when you find a brand whose ethos a-lines with your own, so after discovering Rose & Skin and their DIY skin care recipes I had to share my discovery with you!  Rose and skin make natural skin care kits packed with ingredients and recipes to make for your skin and hair care, in the comfort of your own home.  Veronika founder of Rose & Skin, grew up in Bulgaria, with cherished memories of aromatic scents wafting into her grandmother’s farm.  The scents included the scent of roses, which are grown in abundance in Bulgaria, making the country famous for it’s production of rose oil. The benefits of rose in skincare is well known and from mixing fun lotions and potions in her childhood she found herself drawing on the rose for inspiration in her adult life.  She wanted to create simple, pure, honest skin care that people could also enjoy making themselves.

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DIY skin care kit to make yourself

The benefits of rose in skincare

Veronika’s skincare range was born with natural ingredients from Bulgaria’s Rose Valley being at it’s very heart. Rose extracts are high in vitamins C & E which are moisturing and stimulate collagen.  They also have soothing antibacterial properties great for oily and spot prone skin.  I had the opportunity to try her ‘Make Your Own Botanical Skincare Kit’ which I found extremely gentle, hydrating and moisturising not to mention fun!  It took me back to my own childhood too, of collecting flowers to mix into mud pies (that was before I discovered a flower press!)  I was also surprised to discover how well it suited my oily skin, feeling very light and leaving my skin with a health glow rather than a greasy shine!  

DIY Skin care recipes

The first thing I did was get all of the products out of the beautifully illustrated box,  a pestle and mortar, purifying clay mask, botanical facial steam, rose water, facial oil and recipe book.  The ingredients can be used on their own, mixed with each other or mixed with a few additional products you probably have in your kitchen.   The recipe book I found fascinating, I got carried away and made the following recipes in the first few weeks:

Clay mask / scrub with rose water & crushed botanicals recipe.

Clay mask with live natural yogurt recipe.

Banana hair mask with almond & jojoba recipe.

The kit is cruelty free and 100% organic which are major plus points, but do you know what I also like?  I like the fact I understand the ingredients that I'm putting onto my skin!

Check out Rose and Skins free skincare recipes here

Instagram @roseandskin

pressed flowers and pestle and mortar

 *I was kindly gifted the kit to test, but the review is unbiased and are my own opinions.

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