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Crafted Christmas Gifts

Crafted Christmas gifts for a wholesome family Christmas. 

Handcrafted Women's Christmas presents

The March sisters were a fictional family created by Louisa May Alcott in her novel Little Women. They lived in Concord, Massachusetts during the mid 19th century.  Their mother was a strong woman who raised them on her own. She taught them how to sew, read, cook, and do housework.  I imagine their Christmas in a hand crafted homestead and these hand crafted Christmas gifts help sum up what it would look like:

Handmade crackers uk

Fair & Square

You would be crackers not to jump on the reusable cracker trend championed by brand Happy Crackers! They are pretty special!  Made from beautiful cotton and luxury linen prints they even come in their own sturdy heirloom gift boxes.  Each handcrafted Christmas decoration is made to order with a ready to fill carton in the middle for your own surprises.  I particularly love these thistle green gingham crackers which would not only add to a beautiful Christmas table scape, but could double for Easter and any other special occasion that calls for hand crafted gift ideas. The fabrics and velvet ribbons are machine washable meaning you can bring them out year after year!

Happy Crackers

classy gifts for women robe

Small Print

Hand crafted fabrics with Indian hand block batik design are timeless. This pure cotton gown is perfect worn over pyjamas in the winter and versatile enough to also float across a bikini clad body in the summer.  You be will remembered for giving winning handmade gifts all year round as this wardrobe staple does all the hard work!

Helen Loveday

Handmade gifts for book lovers

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There is nothing quite like turning the pages of your favourite classic tale and what a pleasure to save the page with these heart shaped book marks.  Made from hand crafted leather they can be made even more special with a personalisation of your choice on the tip of their corners.


Festive foraging

Old Wives Tale

If you think foraging outside in nature for food is a thing of the past think again!  Foraging With Kids is a book written by Adele Nozedar, the UK’s best-selling foraging author.  It’s a fun practical book aimed to encourage families to interact with nature to get outdoors, explore and play.

Blue Brontide

Handcrafted ceramic mugs

My Cup Of Tea

I’ve always wanted to have a go on a potters wheel, Ceramic Designers make it look so easy!  But I know it isn’t!  If you haven’t got the skill to make your own these beautiful handcrafted mugs by Emily Mitchell are absolutely stunning!   With raised slip work inspired by Elizabethan blackwork embroidery I was instantly drawn to their textured design.


New craft idea for Christmas

Is That So?

Yes it is actually an embroidered paper advent calendar!  Because adults shouldn’t miss out on all the advent fun!  Embroider a woven wheel Christmas bauble onto the Christmas tree for every day of advent.  Made using recycled paper and vegetable oil based inks it’s an eco-friendly Christmas craft idea, perfect if early crafting Christmas presents are your thing!  This embroidery kit comes complete with step by step instructions so even none embroiders can get their festive hat on!

Leah Nikolaou

Practical christmas gifts for women / picnic blanket

Between The Lines

Have you read how soft these herringbone, pure new wool picnic rugs are?  Made in the UK they come with colourful handmade carrying leather straps and would add a dash of tradition to a spot strewn with the contents of a Christmas hamper.  Having a waterproof backing and plenty of space to sit they could be the most useful gift you give this year!  Approx 145 x 183cm in size they are available in 22 colours!

Heating & Plumbing London

handcrafted bookends


Fake it with these beautiful book-shaped bookends,  they will transcend your bookcase into a work of art.  They are created from a single block of alabaster marble and polished by hand for a seamless soft finish.  The base is finished with black felt to protect your furniture and each piece is as unique as the organic patterns that run through the marble and heightens their handcrafted quality.  

French Bedroom

 Are crafted Christmas gifts your thing, let us know what you have your eye on this year!  Leave a comment below!

If you would like to have a go at making you’re own hand crafted gifts for Christmas, check out our Christmas Crafts Gift Guide

selection of handmade Christmas presents


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