Charity Easter Tree Decorations - Embroidery Tutorial – Leah Nikolaou

Charity Easter Tree Decorations - Embroidery Tutorial

In January I wrote out my aims for 2022 and one of them was to support a charity in some way.  I wasn't sure which charity I was going to choose but knew I wanted to do something.  Then two weeks ago the invasion of Ukraine happened and it was immediately obvious to me that I needed to set the charity section of my website up quick,  It was no good as an idea just sitting in my head. 

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I already had a new pattern tutorial designed and written I just needed to work the logistics of getting it online as a download and enabling money to be donated from the purchases.  First things first I also had to choose a charity,  I have to say that bit was easy as The Red Cross is a charity that does phenominal work and as they're supporting DEC (the Disasters and Emergencies Committee) I knew they needed every penny they can get even if my efforts might seem small. 

Easter Tree Embroidery Decorations

Secondly I had to find an app that I could use on my Shopify website.  Once a user on Shoppify you can browse available apps to add onto your store.  Some have monthly charges to use, some have basic packages which are free and then others request that you donate them a percentage to help them fund the  running of their app. I chose Uplinky Digital Downloads to enable my embroidery patterns and embroidery tutorials to be downloaded immediately after purchase.  Then I chose the company Pledger who also have a Shopify app to enable donations to be collected.  Both were straightforward to install onto my website and worked immediately.  

Lastly I spent a morning contacting press to try and raise my fundraising efforts to a wider audience.  I usually find press get back to me immediately if it fits something they are currently working on.  However I have also been contacted weeks and even months later.  

So my first charity craft pattern is now live, you will find it is you head to 'Shop' and then 'Charity' from my home page.  My first charity pattern is for little flower embroidery, Easter tree decorations.  They are very elegant floral embroidery designs with simple backstitch embroidery and pressed flowers.  It fuses the trend for pressed flower pictures and simple embroidery patterns.  I've used a washable kraft paper I found on Etsy which is like a canvas fabric.  It is super durable and pretty difficult to tear and the fluffy yarn stitches through it like a dream!  Go and check it out!

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