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Best Crafty Gift Ideas for Christmas

Have you started the count down to Christmas?  We have and we’re celebrating the season with our annual round up of the best crafting gifts.

You might be the crafter wanting to make a Christmas gift or the person gifting the craft experience, either way we have something to inspire you! The best gifts for crafters are often those that encourage creativity and inspire people to try new things but it’s also important to find a gift that fits the person's interests and skill level. Here are a few ideas:

handmade heart embroidery

Best Versatile DIY Gift

The grey heart embroidery kit is one of my best selling kits! It is a simple embroidery kit to stitch, worked only in satin stitch.  It’s colours suit a wide range of modern and traditional interiors and work for people who love pressed flowers but less of the pink prettiness!

best advent calendars for women featuring a pink christmas tree

Best Christmas Craft Kit

The pink advent calendar kit has been by far the most popular product I’ve ever designed.  The concept of working a little woven wheel ( aka rose stitch) onto the floral tree each day, as a mindful escape from the mayhem Christmas brings, has really been embraced! It’s another easy embroidery kit suitable for beginners too, as it’s the same technique practised over and over again.  By Christmas you will be a woven wheel expert.  Great because it’s a beautiful textural stitch you can apply to may future embroidery projects.

Beginner craft kit wreath

Best Craft Kit For Beginners

This one was tough as all of my current kits are suitable for beginners because they all have simple step-by-step instructions showing the user exactly how to make them.  However, if I was a hesitant beginner crafter I’d start with a small project such as the mini floral wreath which is colourful and fun to stitch.  It uses a simple zig zag pattern in two beautiful colours of tapestry wool.

Craft kit showing a Christmas tree card

Best Card Craft Kit

My best selling card is my Christmas card embroidery kit!  Printed using vegetable oil based inks onto recycled kraft paper, its an eco-friendly option that is so beautifully effective when embroidered with the woven wheels (aka rose stitches.)

Luxury craft kit

Best Luxury Craft Gift

All of the craft kits that are worked into the quality high definition giclee prints are the most luxurious!  For the purposes of my craft guide I’ve awarded this to the Iris Embroidery Kit.  This craft kit mixes striking pressed flowers that look life like, with the hand embroidery in a calming grey/green which again is very versatile to work into a rooms colour scheme.

arts and crafts christmas gifts

Best Craft Gift For The Person Who Has Everything

For the person who has everything, how about gifting a piece of original textile art work.  I’ve selected the poodle vase as 'the best' example ot this, mainly because it's the wall art that has drawn in the most ooosss and ahhhhs.  

Gifts for husbands

Best Craft Gift For Your Husband

These little bee keepsakes are perfect little displays of affection that show how much you care.  Time and thought are the most underated gifts you can give! Made using a ‘whipped backstitch’, an easy  variation of the very basic backstitch technique these are fun to stitch.

Christmas craft gift ideas for adults

Best Crafts for Serial Crafters

For the crafter who has tried everything, how about giving my owl embroidery kit a go? The embroidered fringing gets really addictive and so so satisfying when you trim it all to the right length.  In a dream world I’d be making owls every day!

Pink Heart craft kit

Best Craft Kit For Busy People

For busy folk who just can’t comprehend fitting a large embroidery into their busy schedule, the heart embroidery kits are the perfect compromise.  You get the chunky embroidery and dried pressed flower aesthetic quickly!  They are quality giclee prints, printed onto quality hemp paper which make stunning gifts for your friends if not yourself!

Craft gift for moms

Best Christmas Crafts For Mums

These little card keepsake kits are perfect Christmas crafts for mums.  They show you care and have put your time and effort into making it. Ditto,gain, they are also made using a ‘whipped backstitch’, an easy  variation of the very basic backstitch technique.

Which were your favourite crafting gifts?  Let us know in gthe comments below!


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