Blog – Leah Nikolaou


  • How To Choose An Interior Colour Scheme From An Embroidery

    If you find choosing colours for your home a challenge, these simple steps on how to choose an interior colour scheme can help! Learn how to find inspiration for your colour scheme in a single embroidery and translate those colours into furniture, homewares, accessories and paint colours.
  • DIY Skin Care Recipes

    I love creating things so when I discovered brand Rose & Skin and their DIY skin care recipes I knew I needed to give them a try. I product tested their 'Make Your Own Botanical Skincare kit' and had great fun mixing up concoctions from their gentle natural ingredients with the guidance of their recipe book.
  • How To Embroider Words

    Learn how to embroider words by hand with this easy embroidery letters tutorial.  Leah guides you through transfering your chosen text onto a piece of wallpaper and how to hand embroider letters with a simple backstitch outline to make a piece of embroidered letter wall art.
  • Recipes For Papier Mache

    Inspired by little papier mache pots I keep seeing I decided to give papier mache a go. I started by researching papier mache recipes and decided on the method of layering up strips of paper soaked in glue and also experimented with adding embroidery.
  • DIY - Upcycled Postcards

    There are so many different ways to upcycle postcards but I decided to hand embroider mine with a basic satin stitch.  Learn how to upcycle a postcard to create something contemporary with this step by step tutorial.  Once finished your DIY upcycled postcard can be used again as a greetings card or displayed as art.
  • What Are The Easiest Flowers To Press?

    Pressed flower expert Leah Nikolaou answers the question, 'What are the easiest flowers to press?' with beautiful examples of simple pressed flowers that she has framed.  She shows us a round up of what for her, are the easiest flowers to press in a labelled diagram of press flowers.  She also explains how to learn the easy wasy to press flowers in a book which is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age.