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  • Wedding Favours

    At the end of January I will be launching wedding favour embroidery kits for the bride looking to add a handspun touch to her wedding. I chose to u...
  • How To Embroider Wallpaper

    Embroidering onto wallpaper is just so much fun and super easy using one of my available kits!  Here is a little glimpse into how I pierce holes fr...
  • Leah Nikolaou & Friends Of Joules

    I have been itching to shout it from the roof tops for weeks and now I finally can!  Leah Nikolaou is now a Friend of Joules!  This means that alo...
  • How would you choose from five nature inspired embroidery kits?

    Never has there been more of a yearning to strengthen our connection between the home and nature.  As we have spent more time than usual confined t...
  • My Introduction To Paper Mache

    For the past few weeks I’ve been exploring paper mache as an art medium.  I’m going to share a few paper mache recipes today as well as a bit of h...
  • Vintage Wildflower Wedding Favors

    As brides & grooms ‘to be’ re-embrace the trend for wedding rituals and traditions of bygone eras, carefully crafted wedding favors have never ...
  • How To Find Your Own Unique Vintage Colour Palette!

    ‘Vintage’ can be catalogued and stowed away under so many labels, eclectic, vintage, antique, retro, mid-century, Industrial, rustic, bohemian, sha...
  • The Secret To Styling Small Embroideries In Your Home

    How would you style a group of small embroideries in your home?  Designer Leah Nikolaou gives her ideas on displaying little embroidered decorations on their own or in groups.  Leah styles her embroideries in glass vases, embroidery hoops (but not how you are thinking), on door knobs, vintage lights and more.  Her take on embroidery is far more contemporary than the likes of Bayeaux Tapestry type traditional embroideries.  She shares her favourite of the discussed modern takes on embroidery.

  • How To Embroider A Vintage Postcard

    Upcycling vintage postcards with embroidery is a simple way of creating hand made art postcards for your home.  Artist Leah Nikolaou brings you this step by step guide in selecting the right vintage postcards, choosing the wool and needle that will work for you and making your first successful pierce into the card.  It's such a lovely way to mix embroidery flowers and vintage for the perfect vintage home or to create a rose flower greetings card for a special recipient.

  • Vita - The 1930s Garden Influencer

    Have you heard about the wonderful accomplishments of 1930s Garden Designer and Influencer Vita Sackville-West? Read On! Recognised by the National Trust her gardens at Sissinghurst are little floral rooms of wild abandon and a sight of incredible inspiration.  I visited Sissinghurst earlier this year and was captivated by it's breath-taking beauty.  So inspired I had to find out more about the lady who put so much imagination and romance into garden design.  I share in my opinion her top 3 accomplishments in garden design.

  • Heiter Moments With Magazines

    I have a deep rooted love of reading magazines that I don't think will ever change.  Growing up magazines were my equivalent of what Instagram is to girls today.  To my there is nothing better than buying a actual magazine, turning its pages in anticipation and getting lost in the contents.  Here I discuss 4 of my favourites from the vintage magazine Stitchcraft to more modern day magazines including Daphne's Diary, Country Living & Surrey Homes.
  • Flower Pressing - 7 Favourite Flowers

    Best ways to press flowers as tried by artist Leah Nikolaou.  Which of these could become your favourite?  The vintage looking hydrangea, classic rose,  show stopping larkspur, lace like cow parsley, delicate forget me not, characterful pansy or ethereal blackberry blossom?  This could be the beginning of a passion for pressed flower art, you have being warned!