embroidery & pressed flowers inspired by the craftsmanship of bygone eras

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Leah is one of my creative idols....  Can you name all the flowers and plants you come across?  Leah prefers to keep to her own favourite flowers and plants.  Just like an artist might use their favourite brushes.

Daphne's Diary

Every work is well thought out, with the composition process of both flower and threads taking well into a few hours.

Marjorie Magazine

@leah_nikolaou...  combines flower pressing and hand embroidery to charming effect.

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Welcome to leah nikolaou

Bringing the craftsmanship of bygone eras to the present!

Hi I'm Leah, I live and work in Frome, Somerset in the UK.  A couple of years ago when my daughter was just a toddler we wandered a whole summer long responsibly picking and pressing flowers.  In evenings I also rekindled a passion for embroidery and what started as two childhood hobbies became a business.  Today modern interpretations of these passions is what brings me fulfillment as I lose myself for hours in my woolly and floral creations. I love the way people valued things in bygone eras and make my designs with a similar immense attention to detail and craft.  I select my materials mindfully and as organically as possible with the aim that my products are made to last and will themselves become antiques.

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Leah x

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